Friday 31 December 2010

Invading Cows Chew Gum (read all about it)!

So there you go, another year over and, as Mr Lennon said, a new one just (about to be) begun.

Just enough time then for two things:

1. Complete The Bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year. AND win the big prize.
2. The review of the Bitsnbobs year (2010).

Not exactly a vintage year if you ask me! The standard of the writing was decidedly pedestrian I feel.

January was a right hodge-podge of ideas, lacking focus and design. At the Bus Stop was about as good as it got.

So, in February I had a clear out, a sort of literary detox and adopted an old writing exercise – one word on the first day, two on the second, then three and so on. I liked it, and by Experimental Day 21 someone else did - enough to add a recorded soundtrack (you need to go to the comments).

In March I invited everyone I knew to be a Bitsnbobs reader (even if occasional) plus one or two I wished were readers, to contribute a guest post. If there were any justice in the world they would now be referred to as The Almost Legendary Mirror Posts.

April? Chocolate. AND, the What If Series.

In May, every post title (bar one) was a question. Why?

Blame Mary! I always do! My favourite question amongst these is – “What’s in the soup?”

Throughout June the blog was gripped by Football world cup fever. Looking back on the event with the hindsight of snow, winter and the English cricket team retaining The Ashes I think I would have to say that the event was a little disappointing. Yes the best team won, which is encouraging, but the rest of it was a bit forgettable. June also saw the birth of The Digestive – an every Sunday initiative to make reading this blog easier – and a (possibly) great post title – A Right to Bear Cucumbers.

Summer holidays!!! Must be July (or august). It was July, trips Elsewhere and a Fish Massage.

During August people came to visit, holiday and return home. I hate it when they leave. The blog looked at politics, a little, in A Thought for the President, the Digestive had its tenth birthday and I had a look at what it means to be male in A Smug Vindication.

At the beginning of September a challenge was laid down by one of the readers and the Digestive rose to the challenge and printed the first of what eventually became a ten part series – The Brief Guides – which if you care to read are anything BUT brief. It was the best thing the blog did in 2010 - I think.

In October I sat in a hot spring and cows invaded the garden.

For November I foolishly tried to capture the riotous autumn colours in a daily photo. Nobody complained so I slipped in a post about Chewing Gum.

And then December – a ridiculous attempt to add festive colour with Four Sunday Advent postings and round out the year with The Quiz of The Year – about which one person said, and I quote – “Quiz very hard, 2 hours and I fell asleep before the end.”

I guess people have become minimalist. I blame Twitter.


325 posts!

An incredible 43 per cent increase on the previous year AT NO EXTRA COST to you the reader!!!


An AMAZING 193 per cent increase!!!!!! - so once again you are working a lot harder than me. Thank you.

And as the old year slips into forgotten past there remains just ONE LAST CHANCE to win the BIG PRIZE in The Bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year.


Janet Bianchini said...

I have just completed the Quiz of the Year!! I've done my best, but there are a few gaps in my knowledge. Methinks, no prize for me this year:)

Have a splendid and very happy 2011!

Mary said...

Blame Mary -- why not? Everyone else does>:)

BnB is the best value on the net, methinks. Where else can you get such variety of topics, great photography, touching moments, big ideas, minute observations, movie reviews,you tube links to great and sometimes forgotten musical entertainment, weather reports, historical references, up-to-the-minute sports commentary, chronicles of family and friends -past and present, and some questionable spelling?

BRAVO Chris! Loved it all -- can't wait to read more in 2011.

I'm with Jane -- some of the quiz went right over my head.

My best wishes and hugs to Krissie, Loui, Minnie and you -- our favourite Mad Hatter.

Hope 2011 brings plenty of success and more reasons to be inspired by your readers. If not, you can always blame ME!


Mary said...

P.S. - speaking of questionable spelling, I meant to say I agreed with 'Janet',not Jane!


Vicki said...

Argh, kids came over and never got to do the famous quiz before the deadline. Looking forward to 2011's Bits and Bobs so I can do next year's.

popps said...

Vicki - it was SUCH a good prize!

popps said...

Janet, Mary - i must apologize - there was an error in the Quiz, which made it a lot harder than intended.
all will be explained soon.
I'm busy trying to decide who wins.

popps said...

Mary, i'm now going to blame you for causing me to blush!

Mary said...

Ah -- go ahead and blush and blame all you want -- see if I care:-)


popps said...

Mary, that's no way to try and influence the judges in the Big Quiz.

Mary said...

Can the judge(s?)be influenced? By judges, I assume you are referring to you and HIM? Am not worried because I know that HE likes me enigmatically.

Still I guess my answers to the BIG QUIZ will have to be taken into consideration when scoring. Bit of a problem there I'm afraid.

You mentioned there was an error in the quiz. Must be the one with all the dates and adding of numbers. Otherwise, can't guess where it is.

Back at work today - trying to ease in before the nonsense starts up again in earnest.


popps said...

So... you are hoping that HE is judging?!!?

Mary said...

Counting on it really. HE is my only hope.


PS - NOTE TO SELF: Must have my head examined ...

popps said...

He's grinning!

Anonymous said...

well said Mary i concur x

popps said...

On the Big Quiz??!!!!
Dis qual ify, dis qual ify (in Dalek voice).

Mary said...

I think that 'Anonymous' is 'concurring' that I need to have my head examined.


popps said...

What is the word when three people do it*?