Hey !

Yes ?

 I think we should tell people about Sundays.

What, because they are different?

Yeah, not day of rest or anything like that but, you know - their experimental nature.

Can I tell them?

I think you should.

Great! Hi!

Don’t forget to tell them how the Sunday posts are written as a dialogue between you and me.

I was going to, give me a chance!

Oh, sorry – go ahead.

The Sunday posts here at bitsnbobs are a bit different than the others because they are a dialogue between me and him.

Him and me.

Me and him.

Him and….

ME!! It’s MY special series, you said so!

I did, it started at the beginning of the year (2011) and grew out of a Sunday Only Series we ran last year called – “A Brief Guide to Some of Life’s Top Things”, based on a challenge from one of the readers – Mary (see page 2).

I like Mary.

She said some nice things about you too.

She did?

She did!

By the way – page 2 isn’t ready yet.

It isn’t?

It isn’t.

It will be.

It will be?

It will be. Hang on! It IS.

Do you think we should tell them how, in these dialogues, we sometimes repeat each other?

We do?

We do.

It’s a motif.

Is that French?

I’m not sure.

Have you told them that the Sunday Specials are called Thought of the Day?

I haven’t, have you?

I’m not sure.

You’re not sure?

I’m not sure.

That’s two of us.

That reminds me of that bloke.

Which bloke?

You know, the philosopher chap – whatsit.

What about him, her?

He, I’m pretty sure he was a he.

HEs usually are.

Chaps too.

Hey, that’s like us – chaps two.

He he he.



So - what did this philosopher say?

How did you know he said anything?

Didn’t he?

He did.



Well tell us.

Oh, he said the only thing you can be sure about is that you can’t be sure about anything.

That’s right!

He might have been a socialist.



Ho ho.


Félicia M. said...

Hello! Yes "motif" is a French word!
This dialogue sounds like a Beckett dialogue.
Have a lovely Monday.

popps said...

Hi Felicia - i think you being here on this Sunday supplement is the Beckett bit, i had completely forgotten that it was here!!
Thanks for reminding me!!

have a good Monday too

Keep well.....