PAGE ONE: Instruction Manual for this Blog.

I found out that i can add pages to my blog - yeah i know, how long did it take me?

It is possible that others out there are as technology-challenged as i am, so to help them - and to try out these new pages - here is :

The Bitsnbobs Blog Instruction Manual (or Womanual).

1.You do not need to read this manual before entering the blog.

2.You can if you want.

3.I sometimes exaggerate but the truth is always there.

4.I have used pseudonyms to protect the innocent, except where i haven't.

5. All the photos were taken by me on very basic equipment, except when it was someone else in which case i have credited them, except where it clearly came from a newspaper article and i forgot to.

6. If you want to use any of my photos for anything go ahead just give me a credit and link to my blog.

7. If you use any of my photos and ignore number 6 i will send Jehova Witnesses to your door AND give your telephone number to every cold call agent that contacts me. For the rest of my life.

8. I will ask my descendants to continue to do this.

9. The blog is called bitsnbobsshowntell because i like bitsnbobs, the blog has lots of different bits and some bobs and i was listening to a Jack Johnson song when i started and he was singing about show and tell (schooltime).

10. Please leave a comment, say hello, introduce yourself and become a friend.

11. I try to post something every day, that way if i miss a day no one will notice.

12. Someone noticed once and complained.

13. I think my general philosophy on life is that nothing really matters, in the end, so whatever you do you should do as if it matters more than anything.

14. I don't know how many things should be in a functional manual/womanual.

15. I'll try to make it a round twenty, people's attention span is being eroded by Twitter, Facebook, MTV and Blogs.

16.I occasionally experiment with the blog, trying a theme here, or a challenge there, sometimes a special series. feel free to get involved.

17.My spelling is erratic.

18.I don't bother with adverts or monetizing.

19.Everything in the body of a post which is red is a link that will take you somewhere else.

20.Nineteen is enough.


Vicki Hollett said...

Oh well done for discovering pages. I think this intro will give readers a wonderful flavour of the delights in store when they go digging.

popps said...

If any one looks at them Vicki that is - these have been here since January!!! ;-)
And you might be the first!!!!

Unknown said...

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