Sunday, 20 March 2011

Thought of the Day 11

Do you know what i hate about the Oscars?


Do you know what I hate about the Os……..why must I always repeat myself?


Why must i………you did that on purpose!

I did!


So, what were you saying?

Do you kn…………… you did it again!

I did!!

Look if you are going to be like this we will get nowhere.

Are we in a hurry?

No, but I thought you would like to pick up from last Sunday.

What were we doing last Sunday?

Talking about films.


Talking ab….STOP IT!

Oh yes, the Sunday posts where you and me have a conversation – you in Italics, or is it me? – where recently we have been reviewing films.


Do you think this is becoming a new Sunday theme then - here at Bitsnbobs (the blog with the B-factor)- after the digests and the pull-out guides and our "“thought of the day”"?

Would you like it to be?

Maybe, would you?

Could i still think about Mary?

You'll have to ask her.

Maybe then, what do the readers say?

On Sundays? Nothing mainly, let me check……. Well with the exception of 5 and 9 the thoughts of the day have been pretty quiet.

You’re having a good time though aren’t you?

I am, are you?

I am!

Ok, let's do it then!


So, what is that you hate about the Oscars?


What is it that you hate about the Os……… ooooh, clever।

He he he.

No seriously, what is it?

What is what?

What is it that you hate ab......oooh very good, you did it again.

I did!

And i fell for it!

You did!!

Ok, even, now tell me.

Tell you what?

I'm not falling for that, you want me to say "what is it that yo......!

He he he he.

Ok, i give in, let's do it next week?

Talk about Mary?!

No, the Oscars.

Ok. You know what?

No, what?

There's something i hate about them.

You don't say.


Mary said...

What? No mention of rain? Is it allowed to ignore the theme of the month on Sunday's Thought of the Day?

Guess it is.

My son has been away this past week at a baseball training camp in Florida. First time he has been away without being with a close family member. I'm afraid Mum [me!] was pretty stressed out. He's just returned this morning and I am feeling more myself again.

So what to say about a week's worth of BnB posts.

First, the photos have been extra spectacular!

Secondly, Loui has his driver's license -- Congrats to him!

Thirdly, can't believe you're upset that no one left you any vanilla ice cream. VANILLA? Fighting over vanilla? Can't say I've seen it happen here.

Big week here in Canada -- let's see -- government may fall next week due to allegations of corruption, inpropriety and influence peddling. How improper? Close advisor to the PM - a 66 year old political hack - found in illegal lobbying that involved his 22 year old 'fiance' -- a former/current Ottawa prostitute/escort [virtually nude pictures of her on t.v. every night]. Looks like this conservative government is going down in flames.

Oh what else happened? Japan - earthquake, volcano, tsunami and now on the brink of nuclear disaster. Could anything be worse?

Well maybe that little war going on in Libya that has the support of just about everyone including the Arab League. Is this the end or just the beginning of more in that region of the world?

Last night was a 'supermoon' when the moon comes its closest in its orbit to the earth. So close you can almost touch it.

You keep writin'em and we'll keep readin'em:-)


To HIM - xox

popps said...

yes, yes, yes, everyone's a critic!
see tomorrow and next week for the FULL story!

popps said...

Mary, thanks for that update on what is happening in Canada - who says it's all about snow!