Sunday 7 August 2022

Stuff (part of a series)

It seems that someone has been reading my blog.


I know this to be so because I bumped into him (he had been eating Café Liégeois) in a small room atop a heatwave.


In the room were embroidered leaves.


And watermelon slices to suck.


Between melon slices he explained that he was now following a new code of life because of his reading.


And that the code began with a 2 and an eight (I think).


I was drunk on water melon.


I feel a bit responsible if it be true, but I also feel it is unlikely.


I know this person well enough to know that when he says one thing he means something else, and when he says something else it probably is at a tangent.


He would make a good mathematician and I suspect that he has a protracted sense of most things.


So I don’t think my blog has set him on any path other than one he was already far ahead on.


But I appreciated his invitation to join him on a quest to find the perfect Café Liégeois.


So I think I should post a link here, to his own blog.

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