Wednesday 17 August 2022

Episodic Memory (1)

It’s not a name that you hear every day.

Susan Fenton.

To be fair you don’t hear the name Natashan Woofenbury much either, but the latter most certainly doesn’t exist.

Except here.

Susan Fenton however!

Well, larger than life!

I used her name for a search on-line and turned up a picture of the cinema that once was, but no long is, in my home town.

Not directly, but following a link here and another there.

Here’s the photo.  

(behind the bus)

(not the photo)

(the cinema)

I spent some time there.

(the cinema)

(not the bus)

Less with Ms Fenton, but not for want of trying.

I wonder what she made of it?

I doubt that she thinks about it.

This is one-sided periodic memory.

If that’s the right word… hang on, it might not be…….

rustle, rustle, rustle……..(pages of the internet turning)…..rustle…..

Episodic memory, that’s the stuff.

Love it.

Many people reside there.

Ms Fenton for one.

Natashan Woofenbury however thrives only in short term memory.

Unless she’s reading this and says hello.

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