Saturday 6 August 2022

A rendez-vous with the miscellaneous.

Thanks Tom.

Tom turned up, late and sleepy and he had forgotten all the DVDs, 

maybe it wasn’t his fault.

Later by the river, the heron was sitting on the weir, the sun was setting  

and we ate.

Some ate chicken, some not.

Harry had a tyre, I said I was tyred.

Not only tom was sleepy then.

The table was long, on one side sat the man who is not an architect but builds pop up books.

On the other side sat the man who is not a potter but is an architect.

They are not brothers.

Someone lent me their car, it has six gears but the Architect’s has seven.

Mine has five.


Sometimes two.

Not reverse, when that happens.

But who wants to go backwards anyway?

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