Friday 7 January 2022

Desperately Searching Horace

There is a moment - sooner or later for each of us depending on our level of optimism - when the New Year turns out to be The Same Old Year.


When this happens we are unlikely to sing.


Our resolute good cheer fades away like the last bubble in a discarded bottle of champagne.


It’s sad when this happens.


But human.


At moments like this it’s time to click on BITSNBOBSNSHOWTELL – the blog that is always effervescent, even if it’s in a lemonade, more than champagne, sense.


Let me tell you about it.


It’s a blog.


It has history.


It even has archives (if you can find them) an archivist (she’s elderly but we think she is more than capable) and a reader (who is owed at least one Quiz of The Year prize)!


And it has agathism.


Mary said...

Agathism - a lovely 'Word of the Day' - made mine.


popps said...

The Reader!!
I've found you a prize - i just have to finish reading it !