Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Earth's Song.

No far away/0ct 2020

So he started walking.

Through the fields and the forests, along the lanes, over stile and stream, through valley and over ridge. 

He gathered strawberries as he passed, and plums and blackberry. Tasted sloes and juniper, gathered grapes and mushrooms, walnuts and apple. 

He passed from spring to autumn and kept walking. 

He climbed hills and crossed dales and finally came to the ocean. 

He breathed it in and it filled him with a reservoir of hope. 

He was no longer thirsty, no longer hungry; he drank and ate nothing. 

Satisfied, he followed the shore line and entered the pines. 

The silence fell around him in yellows and reds and his feet made no sound. He grew taller taking the forest in, becoming the forest until he touched sky and earth. 

He dropped roots, grew wings and soared. 

The night came and then the moon; it was full. The silver light burst inside him like a flare and stars burst painlessly from his eyes. 

And from his heart a song blossomed until all the world could hear it. 

If they listened.

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