Sunday, 11 October 2020

Potatoes, Bob and a Monkey.

The Gallery/October 2020
The Gallery/October 2020

 Drrrrring. Drrrring.

Hi, this is Bob i’m not in at the moment but you can leave a message after the bip. BIP !

Hi Bob, it’s Bitsnbobs here – leaving a message after Bob’s Bip…. I’m calling….

Clunk, clink whrre Hi, Hang on…. Click click… Hi, it’s me , i’m here .

Hi Bob ! What was Bob’s bip about Bob ?

Did it bob when you heard it?


‘Cos if it did you could ask ;’ What was Bob’s bopping bip about Bob ?’

I don’t think i should.

Ok… so, what can i do for you ?

It’s that poem you sent us.

Yep ?

The one about the Rabbit.

And the cabbage ?

That’s the one.

And ?

Well i woke up this morning and i had one running through my head too !

Canny !

It’s about a monkey.

Cool !

Do you want to hear it ?

Might as well, i’ve got nothing else to do.

Really ?

Except the cleaning......... And the trees.

The trees ?

I need to cut some trees for winter.

Dead ones ?

Of course. I should dig up the potatoes too.

You have potatoes.

I might have, i planted some but the deer ate all the leaves and now i can’t find them.

How’s the book?

I finished it!!

Wow, do you want to say something about it on the Blog?



Let anyone who is interested, ask.

Would you call yourself a master of marketing?

No, I’d call myself an unpaid archivist.

Always for love, never for money.

Talking Heads.

Talking of heads, do you want to hear about the monkey.

I’d love to.

You know whether or not it’s a monkey

Its dancing will be smooth, never clunky

It exhibits such grace

Elegance and pace

To music that is jazzy or funky!

We may have started something here.

I hope so. Anyway, nice talking , you get back to your spuds.

Will do, you take care.





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