Friday, 23 October 2020


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 I’ve just checked in my spam folder on my e-mail account, I’ve heard that one should.

Just in case.

The first two create an interesting pairing; Teeth Repair, Fungus Destroyer.

Can’t have one without the other.

Then; Pest Control.

There seems to be a pattern here, but then…..

Sams Club.

No apostrophe.

The other day, on a long walk through the forest (very far from Sam’s Club), i chanced upon some giant filed mushrooms.

I gathered the totality.

I’ve made mushroom omelette, mushroom soup (three varieties) and mushroom sauce for pasta.

I haven’t eaten anything except mushrooms for three days.

Everyone else in the house refuses to have anything to do with them; ‘they have red spots’, no they don’t, ‘they might be poisonous’, they aren’t, ‘they stink’, they smell like mushrooms.

So i won’t get off this diet for a least a month.

My stomach rumbles in the middle of the night and wakes everyone.

I have become the Fungus Destroyer –my version - or The Pest Control - the family’s version.

Which brings me to the last e-mail in the spam folder.

Right to Fight.


Be a Fungi! (fun guy)


For your Right!


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