Sunday, 25 October 2020

Borders and Brackets.

Montricoux/Oct 2020 (look at that sky!)

Did you know that ever since Jan 1st2020 this blog has had a dark blue border around each of the posts?

Probably not – because NOBODY reads this blog.


The last person who did read this blog gave up and went off to study the beauty of the autumn colours in the trees around Niagara Falls.

(can’t blame them)

(I would blame them if they decided to go over those Falls in a barrel).

What’s more….

(there is always more)

(of everything)

Did you know that in the previous years this blog has had orange, yellow, black, green, light blue and no borders?

(you have to go back to 2014 to have no-border borders)

(wouldn’t it be great if there were no borders?)

(actually – some people like borders I’ve been told)

So --- you probably haven’t realised (until now) that this blog has a rainbow of borders among its pages.

Lucky therefore that I am here to tell you!!

What else do you need to know…. Well….. The Blog (capitals) has an archive; a head archivist who was lost , presumed dead, but is in fact alive and living underground; an underpaid unpaid employee called Bob who looks after the boxes of archives in a disused railway station in the Scottish countryside and does the work of the aforementioned head archivist (presumed to be alive); three cats (one of which is Russian); someone (him) who pops in from one year to another to ask and answer pertinent questions; no readers; me (sometimes known as the editor); a woman of eastern origin who rides a bicycle and does something that for the moment escapes me ( I’m not sure where she is either); a secret headquarters that is a figment of the imagination and an out-of-date guide to everything that you don’t really need to know.


It doesn’t have a flag.

(N)or an anthem.

It does however, have poems.

(and lots of brackets).

There’s probably loads of other stuff that I should tell you, but, you know what?

You can read it!

(if you like)

(thank you)

(if you do).

1 comment:

Mary said...

Niagara Girl is now enjoying this year's fall foliage. Best place to stay away from THE virus. And Niagara Girl has been reading blog faithfully and even, occasionally, commenting [see August 7 for the last comment] though will admit that have been commenting less than usual.

All changing blog post borders have been noted and appreciated for adding a rainbow of colour.

Archivist's job is never done and always thankless.

These are difficult days in a strange year but each day the sun lights us up and each night the moon and stars do their best to keep us company, reminding us that it's all a matter of perspective. From a distance our little green and blue planet must seem beautiful and young as it always was.

Keep posting and I will keep reading.

Mary xo
from the mouth of Lake Ontario where Niagara Falls's cascades its millions of gallons of fresh water, down river. so that I can bear witness to its passing flow. I feel small but not insignificant.
as it makes its way to the ocean.