Monday 25 May 2020

Confined 23.

sketchbook/may 2020



Wondering what was…..

Wondering what was whatever …

Wondering what was whatever, the thing I promised to tie up when I got to W.

Vingt-troisième lettre de l’alphabet et la dix-huitième des consonnes. Symbole du watt, symbole chimique du tungstène.

Hang on…..

Found it!

Back there in T – except I forgot to write it, or else I edited it out.

It was weber.

What is a weber?

Hang on….

Wattman, wattmèttre…weber! 

Hmm….. electrical.

Beyond me, I shouldn’t have mentioned it.


What else….

Lettre propre aux langue du Nord et qui n’est usitée en France que dans les mots emprunté à ces langues avec leur orthographe.

Like 'Wellington'.

As in wellington boots – for example.

Look it’s complicated – but basically if the French want to buy some wellington boots they have to borrow the word from English. (or German - for example Wagon)

In my book – All Things Unconsidered (as yet unpublished) – if you borrow something you eventually give it back.


When?                                                    (also a good question to pose for this confinement)


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