Saturday 23 May 2020

Confined 22.

sketchbook/may 2020


I have the feeling that I should say virus!

But you know what?

It’s vermillion that comes to mind – a colour not unlike red, though I’d prefer yellow.

And veranda – a word coming from either Hindi or Portuguese, though I’d prefer (for no rhyme or reason) Portuguese.

A vermillion veranda in Valado dos Frades, Portugal.

I'd like that.

But vacation...

out of the question...


Vingt-deuxième lettre de l’alphabet.

22! There’s a catch there.

Le dix-septième des consonnes.


My first house number, still significant after all those interVening years.

Chiffre romain qui vaut cinq.

Worth five to anybody I’d say.

Five fingers.
Five toes.
Five wounds of Jesus Christ.

They were probably vermillion.

Symbole de volt.


Not vault.


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