Saturday, 28 March 2020

Confinement 1.

Bocchum/before confinement


The first letter of the alphabet, and the most open of vowels.

So my dictionary tells me.

Today is the fourth day of confinement and i have started to read the dictionary here on my desk. The dictionary is French so in fact what i read was– A n.m.Première lettre d’alphabet et la plus ouverte des voyelles i think my translation is ok.

The dictionary was printed in 1968, i was 13 years old and the T.V. series Dr Who was in its 6thseason on British television. 

The BBC.

Today, the BBC is under threat from a government that doesn’t care - which is not the government that have ‘requested’ that i stay at home. Today the letter A may indeed remain the most open of vowels but probably not many people are thinking about that. Tomorrow will be another time.

Dr Who had a time machine, it was called the T.A.R.D.I.S. and due to a malfunctioning cloaking system it looked like a 1950’s British police telephone box.

If i had access to a time machine right now i wouldn’t hesitate to use it. Clearly the government’s stated authorizations for going out do not include time travel, limiting itself as it does, to walking the dog, stretching your legs and buying the essentials of life, but seriously would anyone mind if i took a trip into the past?

Or future?

Without The Tardis, the best i can manage is to revisit last night’s dreams; someone was moving an old police phone box through the empty streets, on the back of an articulated truck in which there was no driver.

I think i was saying goodbye to the past.

For though this is day four of confinement it also feels like the fourth day of a new dawn.

Time for change.

Universally yes, personally even more so.

A new chapter.

A new letter in my alphabet. 

Aprèsprép. Marque la postériorité et signifie : 1eà la suite de, à l’issue de.

I’ll take that happily.

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