Friday 20 October 2017

Yonks, hours and minutes.


You haven’t written anything on this blog for yonks!

Not true, it’s been a matter of days only.

Yonks, days, whatever.....nothing since Tuesday and the Dystopin Nightmare.

Yep, sorry about that, it probably should have been DystopiAn, should I correct it?

No, I don’t expect anyone noticed and it has a nice ring to it. It looks deliberate.


But it has still been too long.

I’ve been busy – I wrote three posts for next year’s blog.

Next years?

Well, this blog but next year. I told you I had a good idea.

Maybe, but we want something to read now.



So, what’s this big idea?

I can’t tell you, but it’s almost done.


I need one more circle.


It’s called Circles.

What is?

This blog next year.

You’re changing Bitsnbobs?

No, I mean that the posts on this blog next year are/will be collectively known as The Circles.

Bitsnbobs, the blog with circles?

That’ll be it.

Future link?

editors note - there will be

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