Sunday 22 October 2017

The Front Step of The Mue.

caldes d'estranc/september

What’s this?

This, mate, is a piece of unexpected donation; it’s going straight on display in The Mue.

Where was it donated?

In a car park about an hour north of Barcelona, next to the guy who sells melons.

I didn’t know you could donate there.

You can donate anywhere you like; it just might take some time before I find it.

So this was really unexpected?

It always is! This time I was looking for a melon.

Did you find a melon too?

I did, but I have eaten it already.

Where are you going to put this, The Mue must be getting full up?

Not at all, we keep finding new places we didn’t know about.


The green armchair in the corner, it’s huge!!

Are you going to put it there?

No, I’m placing it right here on the front step.

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