Tuesday 17 October 2017

Dystopin Nightmare.

Barcelona/end of september

What did you make of that?

I hated it.

Why did you go?

It looked promising, a sci-fi thriller, it could have been right up my alley.


It was right up it’s own…

Ok, ok, calm yourself.

It was disturbing; dystopia hardly does it justice.

Why didn’t you leave?

Three times I was close to, and anyway I was still the first out of the cinema.

How was it disturbing?

A surveillance and control future, that is a mere trip away from where we stand. Frightening how close it felt.


With that came an overwhelming power of helplessness. That, coupled with a pretty weak plot and heavy handed dramatic development, left me bored, disappointed and a little incredulous.


That someone had chosen to finance this.


And then the – thirty years later – what a cop out!

A lot of films do that.

Rarely a good sign.

Was there nothing positive?

No. I mean, yes. Yes- there was NOTHING positive.

Ok. Shall we name it?

It’s not the worst film you’ve ever seen though is it?


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