Wednesday, 11 October 2017

An Unconventional Angel.

Barcelona/a few days ago

Yes, you wanted to know something.

Yes, I’m interested… did he go outside and discuss things with the hovering apparition or not?

Hang on, let’s have a look. Next to the garage, a willow tree planted by Patrick’s long dead father seemed as good a place as any to discuss his destiny, so Patrick sat down against the trunk. Well, it seemed that he did.

And what happened?

Looking up he saw the night sky with thousands of questioning stars and he could feel the soft breeze of a late summer’s night against his skin.

You just changed something - ‘questioning’  - that’s not what it says in the original.

No, it says ‘dazzling’, it seemed a bit cliché when I read it.

But why questioning? I’m not sure you can have questioning stars?

Maybe I’ll change it again, anyway, there’s more.

Carry on.

The angel, for Patrick had decided to call the visitor by that name, hovered above him and looking down asked – “why were you in the garage with no clothes on at this hour?”

He was naked?


“I couldn’t sleep”, explained Patrick, “I was too hot and too worried.”

What was he worried about?

That’s what the angel said, look – “What worries you?” inquired the angel, though if truth be told she already knew.

I thought angels were male?

This one is female.

Is that important?

I don’t know, I’m not sure where this tale is heading.

It’s unconventional.

An unconventional angel.

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