Saturday, 23 September 2017

Tooth, Nail and a Settee.

the garden/the morning(today)

What’s happening?

I can’t sleep.

You’re getting up?

I might as well.

It’s one in the morning! Roll over and go back to sleep.

I’ve tried that, my legs are on fire.

On fire? What are you going to do?

Put them out.

That’s a bit extreme, and will, incidentally, be very wet.

No put them out (of) the bed, then I’m going to follow.

Where will you go?

Down those steps, into that room, pick up my book and settle (settee-l) down on that there sofa.

Ah, that’s a good sofa!

THAT is THE sofa.

THE sofa?????

Aye, that sofa was carried on my back from London town, across oceans to where it is today!

You put it in your van and took the Channel Ferry.

That too. I have slept on it more times than you’ve had hot dinners.

I’ve had a lot of hot dinners on this sofa.

Well stop it! It was chosen specifically for it’s sleep ability – it marks a moment of transition in my life that took place one night, one morning 26 years ago. Though the sofa predates that.


Had to be prepared.

Some say that this sofa has had it’s day.

Never! Over my dead body!

Talking of dead bodies, what are you reading at this ungodly hour?

Tooth and Nail.

Ian Rankin?

That’s the fellow.

That will help you sleep! Isn’t it about a grizzly serial killer?

Well yes, but it’s probably about other stuff too.


Well not sure yet as I’m only half way, but maybe parents and children.

Back to the sofa!


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