Sunday, 24 September 2017

A fly in the Ointment, and a waiting forest.

The Vineyard/August


Did that hurt?

Yes. A lot.


I’m just going to lie here for a while, until I’ve worked out if I have broken my ribs or just bruised them.

This is the third time in two weeks that you have been on your back.

I’m having a bad period. It’s a transition.

Summer to autumn?

I’m hoping it’s just that and not - beginning to end.

There’s always a middle.

I’m in the middle right now, in the middle of something that’s not right.

How did this one happen.

Ok a fly, flew in my eye, I took one hand off of the handlebars to get it out and … well you saw the rest.

You know the bike landed secondly, on top of you.

Don’t remind me.

What are we going to do while you are lying here?

Listen to the forest.

It’s quiet.

It's waiting.

For your ribs?

The release of autumn after a false start.

The sky is blue.

I know, it looks beautiful the way it is framing this pine trees, and look at those red berries on the creeper. The soil is warm, a little damp, but warm.

What did you think of the film last night?

Sally Potter’s The Party?


I really liked the camera work, loved the black and white imagery and thought two of the performances had a texture of crumpled-ness that I adore and which, for me, made them stand out from a host off good performances. I thought the sound track was excellent.



There HAS to be a but.

It was too short, the ending was premature and cheap and a cop out.

I felt I was watching something Woody Allen might have written.



It was a joy to see Bruno Ganz in a film again.

It was.

What do you think it was about?

Many things.

I mean, the message?  Minnie reckoned it was about ‘change being fearful’. But there was some strong political message or parody at work and a lot about men and women, sisters and brothers.

Yes, do you think the men together were more supportive, or the women?

The woman saved the man at the end.

No comment.

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