Thursday, 21 September 2017

A field, a mushroom and a girl.

Terrace/this morning

Was this the same field?


Are you sure?

Of course i'm sure, that field was in England, this one is in France.

Oh, ok. So what did she say?

She said- 'eat the first one you find, and then you will find all the others.'

She spoke from experience?

I think so.

So did you eat that one just now? It was the first i believe.

It fell apart in my hands, besides i was looking for walnuts.

Not much room in your hand then? Anyway, walnuts will get you through times of no dope, better than dope will get you through times of no walnuts?

Something like that.

What was her name?


Where were you?

In a field.

I know that!

Gloucestershire, Shropshire... somewhere shirey. Maybe Somerset.

That's not a shire.


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