Wednesday 28 June 2017

St Freidus and the Rastaman

the gallery/a detail

G’morning! You’re up early.

I couldn’t sleep.

How come?

You were inside?

Driven in.



Talking of the Bible, Peter popped in.

He of the rock?

Peter of the High Serre.

Ooooh, I’m honoured, did you lay on the official welcome tea and toast?

We only had marshmallows.

That’s a strange word isn’t it, marshmallows?

It’s a strange world.

It certainly is….


….because only yesterday I was by the river and I bumped into River!

Did you say hello from me?

Your name didn’t come up.

Really, did anyone’s?

Freedus. Saint Freedus.

Hang on, I need to look him up…. Look, look, look….. I might be spelling his name, hang on…. look, ah! Freidus! No, wait a moment….this is Robert Freidus, he might be a writer.

What is your source?

sOurce! Not sauce.

Sorry, er, a blog – all the saints you should know, BODIES, BONES, RELICS, LORE AND ODDITIES FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Why the sudden capitals?

You copied and pasted!

I did.

Lazyness killeth the blog.

Bad spelling two.

Hee, hee, he.

Couldn’t resist it – where were we?

Saint Freidus.

He SAID he was a saint. He had a map.

That proves only that he was lost.

Or looking for the way.

Jesus said ‘I am the way’.

How would you know?

Jesus wrote a book?

The bible.

He never did.

Did too.



What’s the point?


London Joe said...

Yes, what is the point?

Hope you are diddling along, piddling in the river and reading the runes

Most cordial greetings

popps said...

Good that you popped in!
Yes all of that and...