Saturday 1 July 2017

Do You er Do, er, Do?

the gallery/last weekend



You well?

Tipping. You?

Really excited.

Why so?

Is this the same as the open doors?

No it, well yes, but no.

Do you have trouble making up your mind?

It WAS open doors, but now there is an official opening, they’ll be cheese and pineapple on sticks and surprises and things.

Will you be wearing a suit?

I’ll be dressed up!

Do I need to bring a boat?

Can you swim?

I can.

So you don’t NEED a boat, but a boat will be available for those that want. Also remember, there is a ladder.

Oh yes, I forgot. So, what will we see on this open day?

All the stairs, the corridors, the foyer – that’s where the cheese and pineapple on sticks will be, the founding principles will be on a table near the café.

There’s a café?

Yep, it’s not far from the Latest Acquisitions Chambers.

Will there be a guided tour.

Yes! That’s a brilliant idea; there’ll be a guided tour in Urdu.


And English for anyone who doesn’t speak Urdu.

Do you?

Do I?

Do you Urdu?

Better would be - ‘do you, er do Urdo’.

I know, but I’m making this up as I go along. By the way, when is this Official Opening?

It’ll be on The 4th July.

Now that IS a co-incidence!

It is?

It is! The Gallery is having a Grand Opening on the same day!

That’s awkward. I might not be able to be in two places at once.

Is there any truth in the rumour that The Gallery and The Mue are one and the same?

Not at all – The Mue is mine, and it’s in here.


Bitsnbobs. And The Gallery is yours, sort of, and it’s out there.


The big wide world.

Could you reschedule your Grand Opening?

No. Could you?


It’s like London buses, you wait all day for one and then two come along at once.

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