Tuesday 27 June 2017

Jimmy and the Gallery.

the garden/yesterday

I’ve been looking back over the year’s posts..

I can’t pay you any more than I do already.

More? You don’t pay me anything!

That’s agreed then- good.

Hang on - is this the mid-summer pay review?


It’s over?

We just agreed.

Can we start again?

Next year, now what did you want to tell me?

Significant details; we said that this year would be the year of significant detail.

We said that?

So it is, that’s quite significant.

Yes it is, and I want to know if it is also significant that there have been several mentions of ‘The Gallery’?

The Gallery? With inverted commas?

With or without – it was mentioned here, there’s a photo pertaining thereto here, and here.

It seems I have bought a gallery.

You have a gallery?

Well, I bought a painting and the gallery came with.

‘Thereto’, ‘camewith’ – what is this, Dickens?

T’was you that said ‘thereto’, not me. Not Dickens either if it comes to that.

You’re not making a lot of sense.

Ah, well it all starts in Australia.

Go on.


He came from Ireland.

To Australia?

To France. He owns the Gallery.

Your Gallery?

Sort of.

Why do you need a gallery?

Because of the t-shirts.

Which t-shirts?

There’s one in Tunbridge Wells.

The gallery is in Tunbridge Wells?

No, it’s in France.

You bought a gallery in France for a t-shirt in Tunbridge Wells?

No, I bought a painting.

A painting of a t-shirt?

A rose.

That’s clear. Who’s the painter?


Where is this painting?

I’m not sure. It was at the foot of the main stairs.

And now?

Possibly wrapped in bubble wrap in The Mill.

There’s a mill?

Gary owns a mill. But there’s a problem because water, and maybe fish, are coming through the wall. The painting may be floating on the stream.

What’s he going to do?

Someone suggested he find a way to plug the hole with the fish, in such a way that the fish are happy about it.

What fish would be happy with that?

I think you have to say ‘which fish’.

What fish, which fish – makes me think of Watford.

Which makes ME think of Elton John.





Spike Milligan.

The Goons.

My Mum.



Peter said...

Hello! I find myself a little perplexed and somewhat confused. The little perplexed was right in front of me, hiding in plain sight. I don't know why. It's cheering to know I am not alone. I think confusion is good. My life is too linear. You blog makes it easier to deviate which has to be good. Thank you for taking me on a trip. It's the acid truth without the drug. I enjoyed it.

popps said...

Hello Peter, welcome to the blog - i think your comment is a compliment but what do i know?
What do i know about anything?
I know a little about Juggling but you have to use the blog's search engines to find that.
If you find the search engines let me know.
I realise of course, now, that i missed out a key back link in this post, i wonder if that would have changed anything.

London Joe said...

I was thinking of dear old Spike only ten lines in to this post

popps said...

London buses and yourself!
I saw spike on stage in 1974 - Manchester.