Monday 26 June 2017

The Hexagon of Somewhere.

the table outside/today

That was a good party!

I liked the chicken curry!

What about the raspberry cream thing?

I had three pieces – I couldn’t dance.

There was a jukebox.

I know! I chose The Kinks – You Really got me.

 Classic, did you see how it got the youngsters swirling their petticoats.

Petticoats! I’ve missed them!

I liked your outfit.

Why thank you, I made an effort but I can’t get this gel out of my hair, I think it had passed its expiry date.

I thought the fifties had.

Apparently not - and talking of the fifties what about the sixties?

Ferlinghetti. Ginsberg. Kerouac.

I think Kerouac might have been fifties.

We can look that up, but hey I wonder if he was then when you lasted visited.

He could have been, small world eh?

I think it’s huge, I’m thinking of going to Iceland if this heat continues and have you ever met anyone who’s visited Tasmania?

Talking of Australia, did you know that Gary can throw a boomerang?

Anyone can THROW a boomerang; it’s getting it to come back that’s the issue.

And did you know that traditionally speaking women can’t play the didgeridoo?

Seems harsh.

And why is the grammar check questioning that ‘can’t’?

Maybe it thinks it’s sexist.

I dug up a fern this morning.

Changing the subject?

Moving it along.

So we’re not at the party anymore?

They’ll be another.

There’s one this weekend.

I can’t go.


You hate them.

It’s a duty, one I signed up to when I became a dad. Oh by the way, whilst we are on the subject of Glastonbury.

Were we?

I got a phone call from the field.

That’s sweet.

I was really touched; he asked me to explain Motorhead.

Could you.

Not me.

What’s your abiding memory of Glastonbury?

Probably the sauna, maybe Joe Cocker’s breath condensing in the damp air as he sang, maybe those mushrooms.

They were strong.

You wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them.

How come?

Critical division moment.

There is a certain irony in the fact that you can watch it on TV these days.

The first time I went there, there was a guy in the open field sitting at the end of a long white piece of fabric staring at a TV set placed inappropriately far away at the other.

Performance art?

A statement.

There was a cloud that formed six horizontal lines in the sky too.

The Hexagon of the Heavens; was that the same time?

Or just a line in a Joni Mitchell song?

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