Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Totally Transcendental Turtles.


Why is this guy walking round with his finger on his lips?

He wants us to be quiet.

We are!

Yes, but most of the other people are making a lot of noise.

They’re Spanish; they have to.

He’s Spanish too, but this is an art installation.

I thought it was an old conservatory.

It’s that as well, but today it’s hosting a sound art installation, listen.
(undefined crackles and clicks)

Hmm, could be good if no one was here and it was just you/me.

The holy duality?

The terrible twins?

Did you know that this park has peacocks?

And turtles.

And cats.

And a woman who comes every day and feeds them.

She wasn’t very talkative.

She prefers cats to people.

She may have reason.

There are turtles in the train station too.

That’s true.

Turtles transform tensions.



London Joe said...

wow, beautifully formed windows.

Ella Fitzgerald singing a high note might have wobbled the glass.

popps said...

The "sound" installation was clicks and whirs, Ella would been bella.