Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Lesser the People, the Greater the Opportunity.

Madrid/over a week ago

You’ve been in this park before.

It was different.


I was different. And there were less people. None of these cafés either.


Black and white – look I have a picture.

That’s you?

A former version.

Mark one?

Mark three or four.

You look happy.

I was. I was free. And freewheeling.

And now.

Free in a different way.

Not freewheeling?

I guess not.

Do you miss it?

Who wouldn’t?

Any regrets?

No, but there have to be a lot of wonderings.

What are they?

What ifs.


I could have stayed here, what if I had?

Your Spanish would be better.

Claro, que si!

You missed out an exclamation mark, and upside down one.

I don’t know how to do it on this keyboard.

Would you like to have stayed?

Funny, I only thought about that now. Then, it didn’t occur to me even to question the next step, which was in a different direction. Now I look around and see the opportunities.

They are still there.

Not as many as there were then.    

Less people, more opportunity.


London Joe said...

in a reflective mood, Madridista

(I have only been to Barcelona and Ibiza.
As Manuel used to say: 'I know nothing...')

popps said...

So far....