Monday, 20 March 2017

Unassailable Certainty?

Madrid/Week and a half ago

Did you notice how the people coming DOWN in the lift were noisier than those going UP?

A LOT noisier! Did you notice the way the metal walls of the lift started resonating with their gabble.

I thought it was going to explode.

I’m glad the ride wasn’t even longer.

Did you also notice that we were the oldest people up on the roof?

I tried not to; but the waiter was younger than my son.

It was only the Japanese that were prepared to sit next to us.

Where are all the slightly older Spaniards?


Can’t be, it’s not even midnight.

There were some in the exhibition at the Fundaci√≥n Telef√≥nica.

That’s true, and possibly illuminating.

In what way?

Well, only folk of a certain age would get that much fun out of looking at old telephones.

They were beautiful.

Only useful for calling people though, apparently people don’t do that very often these days.

I liked the Dolly Exchange.

The stairs were nice too.

Houdini was up the top.

And in the middle that guy who did the cloud things. What was his name?

Leandro Erlich. I liked his Changing Rooms.

They were cool! I think a lot of people didn’t realise that you could go inside.

And get lost! How did he describe it?

Reconsidering assumed unassailable certainties.


London Joe said...

Hi Topper.
I looked up Leandro Ehrlich Clouds. Groovy.
I remember listening to a radio interview with Damien Hirst (a fraud, I know)

He said that he wanted to put on an exhibition where there was an artificial rainbow in the room. I imagine he found someone to 'make' one for him.

This weekend I shall be in France!
Brittany, near Rennes. I know: miles from you guys. Ah well...

Take care, y'all

popps said...

ah, same terra firma, different end.
did you see Ehrlich's "house" when it was in Dalston?