Tuesday 8 March 2016

A Little Time Travel.

spot the cake

There’s a desk.

There’s a teacher.

This is probably a school.

A young boy is looking out the window, it’s the 1960’s outside; inside is now.

A mother and a child knock on the classroom door and enter, the mother says something to the teacher and the child looks around.

In the corner of the classroom there is a playhouse with books in pockets on the wall of the house, the child likes this.

The teacher says - “Hello, I’m Mrs Cornfield, this is the reading corner” and shows the child around.

The child thinks about her name; he knows those words.

There is a cornfield at the back of his house, and he has often thought about playing there.

He never will, within weeks from this moment people will start building houses there and his home will no longer have a back to it, only a neighbour.

And he will be too busy at school to notice.


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