Monday, 7 March 2016

Atmosphere - the four ladies of the night.

unlikely to be

Well, it’s night-time.

There is no light in the cow shed, and no one working at this time either.

Just Christoff and his mate, leaning against the tractor in the darkness; the glow of their cigarettes the only thing showing that they are there.
The field is dark; darker than the night should be, but there are no stars.

The moon is elsewhere.

A faint band of light beckons from between the trees on the other side of this meadow, full with the growth of mid October grass.

You can cross; the cows are asleep.

The light comes from a building, newly there.

Plywood and plastic.


The door is set in the side.

A dog follows.

You enter.

The dog stays outside.

There are four women at one end of the room.

They are dressed in shorts that were popular in the fifties, but the women are young.

They hardly touch twenty.

The only light comes from a lamp on a small table and the screen of a computer where someone controls the music.

For the women are dancing.

Or they are spinning.

They are good at spinning.

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