Wednesday 16 December 2015

The No-Bullshit Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 (sixteen)

Have you seen it yet?

You must be joking, it only came out today .

Where were you the first time you saw it?

1977? Reading. You?

Oh, come on!

Really? You were in Reading too?

Dur… of course!

Are you planning to go and see this one?

Certainly! You?

I wasn’t planning to.

Past continuous to express a previous plan that has now been changed?

Exactly! I read this review (editorial note x) and then I watched the trailer. (editorial note x)

Christmas present?

To myself.

The best.

No one knows you like your own shadow.

So a Star Wars themed Christmas ditty would be perfect for the Thingy today.

Wouldn’t it.

Got one?

No. There IS an album (editorial note x) but nothing passed the rigorous demands of the jecters (editorial note t). So I’ve chosen something classic.

Back to the basics?

Back to the force.



Mary said...

Wow - this truly is the No BS part of the MCAC Thingy for 2015. This is about as far away from baby in the manger part of Christmas as you can get. Well done.

PS Eartha is fab.

popps said...

She was cooooooooool.