Thursday 17 December 2015

The BsnBs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 (seventeen)

I’ve been casting a languorous eye back over the Thingy…

That’s very conscientious of you; you won’t get a pay rise.

Ha! Chance would be a fine thing.

And why did you do this.

I wanted to see how it was standing up. I noticed something.

What did you notice?

I noticed that you lost your way between the 1Oth and the 13th.

Not too bad then.

I noticed something else too.

And what was that?

Some old friends have appeared for a second time.

But with a different song.

Exactly. Eartha Kitt yesterday - she appeared in a previous Thingy too (editorial note t).

Well noticed – Sam Baker too.

Surjan Stevens.

Charles Brown has graced the Thingy in the past as well. (editorial note t) 

I also noticed that we are getting a bit more Christmassy – less winter and cold, more Yule – even if Mary has pointed out that we are also as far from the baby in the manger as we could be.

Talking of which – Lou Reed has appeared before too hasn’t he?

We will need a word to describe these second comings of old friends of course.




Campbell said...

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popps said...

Hi and welcome Campbell - thanks for dropping in - even if into the past:-)