Tuesday 15 December 2015

The BsnBs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 (fifteen)

I’m not sure our offering yesterday was ‘christmassy’.

It’s a Hymn!

That doesn’t make it ‘christmassy’.

Sufjan Stevens recorded it on his album Hark! Songs for Christmas.

Is Sufjan Stevens ‘christmassy’?

He HAS featured in a previous Thingy (editorial note t).

So that’s it? If you are in any BitsnBobs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy you automatically can be in it again – even if you are singing about girls in bikinis on a beach and guys in speedos eating coconuts?

It’s Christmas in Australia too you know.

I think you’re  slipping into stereotype.

Look sunshine – and it is, I’ve just turned off the heating – it’s about celebrating divine grace, redemption and the love of Jesus.


There has to be a bit of that in Christmas , I mean look at the word for god’s sake.

Calm down!

I’m not un-calm – I just wanted a little balance to the pagan.

Ok, ok, Ok. So… What today?


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