Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Whence of the Whensoever.

partly whence

It’s SO hard to capture it all in a photo isn’t it?

The way the sun light breaks through from the outside?

You might capture the light, but never the chill from whence it came.

Whence – that’s a nice word; one doesn’t here it much these days.

That’s a shame, a loss even.

You know – in the dictionary it’s right next to ‘whensoever’.

Another fine word.

Fine words, fine wine… how are you today?


What are you listening to?

Ah – you see, that’s why I like talking to you. You seem to understand… you just can’t capture that in the photo either, because with all of these things – the outside chill, the defiant sunshine, the lazy emptiness of the day AND the music – it constitutes a whole.

Along with the stove-baked harissa eggs that you are about to serve up I believe.


So what ARE we listening to?

Dat dere.

Cannonball Adderley – maybe we could add one of those external editorial links so that folks can listen too. (editorial note x)

They won’t be able to small the stove-baked harissa eggs though.

Can we create an olfactory link?

Some things have to remain absent; present – an influence unseen, without which little makes any sense.

Ah – you refer to the fabled three bears alluded to yesterday. If I recall you were trying to call this stuff  - dark matter. (Editorial note t).

I did, only because it had come up.

How? How can dark matter come up, and how would you know anyway?

Believe me – it does and you do; but I don’t like the name.

Dark matter?

Yes – it’s too causal.

I’m not sure what you mean by that but do you have a better name?

The whence of the whensoever.

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