Monday, 23 November 2015

Peppi eats eggs.

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Honestly - yesterday – did you REALLY eat your Harissa Stove Baked Eggs along to Cannonball Adderley? I would have got indigestion!

No, I was listening to it whilst I was MAKING them, when it came time to sit down and tuck in I needed to change the atmosphere.

Which way did you go?

Sunday Serenity.

Is that the band or the album?

Neither – it’s the mood I was aiming for.

Did you find an appropriate soundtrack?


I thought that was your cat?

Peppi. Or Pablo  - depending on whom you ask. (editorial note t)

Ah – so who’s Pepe when he’s at home?

Mr Habichuela. The album’s called  “A Mendeli”. It’s really, really good.


I’d coco.

Can we have a listen?

Oooh, I could eat stove baked harissa eggs all day listening to that!

Here’s the recipe. (editorial note x)

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