Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Organics.


You were saying.... just now.... that it was automatic.

You can’t do that – you can’t just jump in and start up talking archives as if it were still yesterday.

It will be.





But it’s toady.

At the moment, but it’s not going to last is it?

You’re mad. Or stupid.

Takes one to know one.

Look, just because the last thing said the other day was ‘ I thought it was automatic’ – doesn’t mean you can just start a new day assuming that everyone knows that.

They do now. So let’s move on… what have you been doing?

Well, the son came home so I said hello, then we ate.

Did you wash up after?

No, it’s staring at me now, waiting.

Ah so you slept too.

And dreamnt. I think we looked at a couple of books, a TV programme and did a bit of skyping too - before the dreams.

Probably explains the dreams. By the way – where are they?

In the archives.


It’s automatic.


Talking of the archives… do you know what I’ve been doing this morning?

Making lemon juice drinks, feeding the cats and archiving I imagine.

I’ve been reading about the archives.

How do you do that; I’d like to join in.

Look up there at the top…..up where it says Bit’snBobs Sho……up there at the title.

Got it.

Now look over in the corner on the blue strip thingy.

The blue strip thingy has a proper name you know.

It does?


Go on then.

Blue banner strip thingy.



Ok look there at the BBST and you’ll see the empty white space thingy..


Yes, the EWST with the magnifying glass symbol.

It’s a magnifying glass? I thought it was a gender symbol.

Oh, hang on… hey you might be right… anyway… if you write ‘archives’ in there – it all opens up in front of you. That’s what I’ve been doing this morning, trying to find out if it’s automatic.

Is it?

It says its organic. (editorial note t)

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