Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Trunk Call.

a bit more....

I did what you suggested that i do yesterday.

Next to the gender symbol?

It's probably a magnifying glass,  but yep and I started reading about the archives.

Capital A. Capital T.

Sorry. The Archives… there’s a lot!

Did you read about the Fabled East Wing? (editorial note t)

I did, and the Turbulent Chambers. (editorial note t)

It’s the same place. It was renamed, by Ms penny - just before she locked herself in.

Then I read on -  and I got to the Submerged House. (editorial note t)

The Submerged House!!? I thought it was a myth.

No, apparently it exists, there’s even a photo.

Wow. Underwater camera?

That’s not clear, but I read the comment.

There was a comment?

Yep – and it was insane.

That fits. Do you think this is helping?

Helping what?

Not what – who – he that asked us.

Oh him. I think we have probably driven him away.

That’s a shame  - we could have asked him to look at the bit about the Old Man at The Bin.

I like the bit about the Old Man at the Bin. (editorial note t).

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