Monday, 9 November 2015

The Junction.

in the name of .....

That doesn’t happen very often does it?

That someone asks you how many readers your blog has? No, it doesn’t.

What did you say?

I replied that we maybe have two readers.

That’s a bit optimistic. What did he say?

“Would you like to increase your readership by 50 per cent?”

We should send him a link.

I have!

Oh, my god, he might follow it up!


We’re under pressure to perform.

Speak for yourself sunshine; I’m working at maximum already.

But he’ll stumble into the middle of ‘this’ (editorial note t) and he won’t have a clue what’s going on – he won’t even know what an ‘editorial note t’ is (editorial note t) - let alone WHY it is.

Why ARE we doing ‘editorial notes’?

It’s part of the innovations (editorial note t).

Ah yes, I remember…so….what do you suggest?

Well I think we should at least explain that this year, the whole year up to now has taken the form of a conversation between ye and me, and that that is a development of the fact that we didn’t chat much last year.

Because you went on holiday (editorial notet) and left me all on my own.

Only because I had done so much the year before!

Ha! What about the year before that eh?

I was here then too… I think.

When were you born?

It might have been here (editorial note t).

Hey – I wonder if this is the post with the most ever editorial notes.

It could be…. Hey, maybe – just a thought – we could do a whole post that was just editorial notes?
Worth thinking about.

Yep – we should explain that here on this blog we do that a lot.


Have some weird idea and then try and run with it and see, where it goes. (editorial note t)

All in the spirit of making this blog an event.

Didn’t we call it a work of conceptual art once?

Hang on…..let me check…yes, here.(editorial note t).

Should we point anything else out?

The archives? (editorial note t)

They’re in a mess.

Only because Bob is missing. (editorial note t).

Shouldn’t we be doing something about that?

What, like alerting the authorities?

It might help.

No, the only way is to go up there; I’m still trying to arrange that.

All the way to Scotland!?

I was thinking of going for Christmas.

You’re insane; it will be cold, dark and snowing.

Christmas is meant to be cold, dark and snowing.

Talking of Christmas…..have we?

Ssssshhh! It’s too early, but yes, I’ve started.

That’s good because last year it was all about trees (editorial note t).

Yes, we should point that out.

What? The trees?

No, that this blog is also full of original content photos.

Unless otherwise credited.

And we should say something about the poems (editorial note t)

And the dreams (editorial note t) 

And that sometimes we split long posts like this into several days. (editorial note t)

And that this time we haven’t. Maybe we should. Do you think that he will have read this far?

Do you REALLY think anyone reads this stuff?

Someone left a comment..


Ah, Mary… sigh.

She’s cute.

She’s Italian.

She sent us a poem.

It was really good.

I think we should publish it here.

You’re right -  I’ll dig it out.

Shouldn’t it be in The Archives?

I stopped sending stuff off, once Bob disappeared.

I thought it was automatic....... (most likely to be continued)

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