Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Twelve Syllables of The Apocalypse

i wonder if it's only me that finds this hilarious?

The man had no hand!

That was weird; I thought I saw one at first but when he gestured over his shoulder …

I think there was a prosthetic on the table.

Even weirder.

What about his request?

It had me confused.

Had you heard of it before?


Can you remember it now?

Un père d’éclat déprissent.

He said twelve syllables.

I know, but the dictation team were there.

They weren’t really a dictation tem, more a group of people dictating.

Helpful bystanders?

Nosy parkers?

It WAS a garage.

Then they said that you’d have to pay for a night at the hotel to get one.

It didn’t make a lot of sense.

Dreams rarely do. Have you tried googling it?

I just did – I found this (editorial note x) 


That gives us another syllable.

We have eight now. What does it mean ?

Part human, part bird, part horse and part fish..

Ten sylabbles! How do you feel this morning ?

All that.

Twelve !

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