Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Neows (news) from Moscow.

room in-between

Somebody has offered me a cat.

You have a cat.

I have two.

Two’s enough.

I used to have six.

That’s a lot of cat.

I like cats; I wouldn’t mind being one.

Do you eat mice?

Mine eat chocolate.

It will kill them.

They wouldn’t eat it if it were bad for them.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Not yet.

Who is this ‘offered’ cat?

Barisa. She’s Russian.

How do you know?

She lives in Moscow; she’s a street cat.

You’ve been offered a street cat that’s in Moscow?

By a trapeze artist.

You’re in France! Where’s this trapeze artist?

In Moscow.

A trapeze artist in Moscow has offered you, who are in France, a Moscownian street cat called Barisa.

By e-mail.

What did you say?

Drop her in.   ('editorial link F)

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