Thursday, 8 October 2015

Late December, '63.

....sweet surrender....

Do you think it’s the guilt that woke you up?

It’s an interesting question, it begs another – whether you can feel guilt in a dream… no, I think it’s the woman that woke me up.

The woman?

Yes, she’s so complicated.

Complicated, how?

Well I had to run up the road, in the middle, traffic on both sides and a big truck right behind me.....

Only a bike in front of you though....

With super quad size tyres, I remember thinking if I caught it I would never buy one.

I think it was motorised.

You sound like you were there.

Why were you running up the hill, it was in Camden I think?

I needed something. There was a conversation that had preceded the run…… but it’s no longer accessible.

The car was still there?

It didn’t look like a good place to park – all the other cars had gone so it was all alone, in a bus lane and it was raining heavily.

Is that why the woman was trying to open it?

I thought she was just trying to look in through the windows so I think the fact that I was using the remote control to open the car allowed her to lift up the boot and climb in.

The boot?


Why did you kiss her?

It might have had something to do with the newspaper that had a picture of my shoes and socks on the front-page top corner with a link to the video section; then again it might have been the photos that she had that had been taken in the garden an it might have been because she was wearing glasses. 

But I don’t think so.

Why then?

Because of her lips.

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