Sunday 14 June 2015

Stoppeth One ofThree.

the editorial hot seat

So… imagine you were invited to a wedding.

I’m NEVER invited to weddings.

Imagine it.

I had always wanted to be a best man but never have been.

It’s only a name; best doesn’t mean you are any worse.

You’re meant to say; “never say never”.


It’s too late now.

In that case just imagine that you were invited to a wedding and it’s the morning of the big day and you’re getting ready.

Ok, I’m imaging.

So what are you thinking?

Does my suit look good, should I shave or is this two day stubble cool, will I get to kiss her…. Stuff like that.

Exactly! You’re not likely to think – “have I got my gun?” are you. (obscure reference x).

I wouldn’t particularly think of stripping off when I got to the top of a sacred mountain either.

That was an obscure reference x too wasn’t it?

Surprised you ha? Thought I didn’t know what you were up to eh?

Shall we mention the elephant?

It’s been a weird week.  (editorial note x)

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