Saturday 13 June 2015

A Wonderful Disturbance.

night colours

You’re up early.

Couldn’t sleep.

What woke you?

A deafening silence, and a set of messy and noisy black and whites.

You are not making a lot of sense.

And I needed a pee.

Ah! That I understand. Why the deafening silence?

No bird song.

No bird song!?

The walls of the house are too thick.

I thought you were sleeping outside.

I had to move in.


The night before.


Biblical, I slept in it; wonderful disturbance.

But it leaked?


Ok, so… what’s the messy and noisy black and whites?


That’ll do you, what was it this time?

Escape from pursuit, subterfuge; dark alleyways, tunnels, disguise, misdirection and a Terminator.

And no time for a pee?



London Joe said...

Black and white dreams. Jimmy Cagney? Nosferatu? Raging Bill (by Thames Water)?

Have you heard the news about SIR Van Morrison. SIR George Ivan Morrison OBE of Belfast, knighted for being rude to audiences if he feels like it. Fab interview with him in the Saturday Guardian last week: I will scan it and send. He comes across very well, almost cuddly...

popps said...

Oooooh yes i heard the news and have referred to him as Sir Van twice today already.

But don't be fooled - he is far from Sir Cuddly.

London Joe said...

Can you open Guardian links from abroad? I will still scan it over the net few days

popps said...

Cos i can.
This IS the 21st Century and not Freedonia you know!