Monday, 15 June 2015

No News is...?

should've b'n a third consec' nightscape... but 'tis not

Should we be worrying about Bob? (editorial note t)

I am a little, but he is a grown man.

Grown men need help sometimes.

I just don’t know what we CAN do.

Have you rung him?

Of course, but he doesn’t have a mobile and he’s not picking up the landline.

Do people still call it that?

What do you call it?

The French call it fixed.

Bob’s not French.

He’s not my uncle either. (editorial note t)

Is your uncle French?

Non plus.

He wasn’t in contact a lot before “it” (editorial note t) all happened, so maybe everything is ok.

What if it isn’t?

Worrying isn’t going to change anything.


We need to go there.



Would be nice.

I’ve looked at the flights.


Can’t afford it.

Let’s walk.

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