Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cobwebs and Camembert.

seven missing

Camembert, why don’t you try Camembert?

Ha ha! I knew you would do that; you’re trying to influence me! (editorial note t)

I’m not. There’s no reference to Camembert on the blog.

Do you really expect me to believe you?

I hate Camembert.

I’m thinking of Catapult.

If I had a catapult I’d put the Camembert in it.

I’m minded to go for Camembert all of a sudden, I think you’re bluffing.

Why not Catapult?

Could be your double bluffing.

YOU suggested Catapult.

YOU just seem too relaxed.

You do realise that whatever else is tucked away on this blog in either Camembert or Catapult guise, THIS post is full of Cheese and Elastic.

Fair point. So…. Without you adding more than a yea or a nay……..



London Joe said...

Before I get tangled in your web, answer me this: what's that rock for?

popps said...

I can only tell you if you've got your stilt on.
Even then you would have to tread carefilly.