Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Buffalo Biscuits.

to heaven?


I beg your pardon?


Not Buffalo?

NOT Buffalo.

Why not?

Because it was on YOUR list, keep you on your toes!

Buffalo would be more challenging….

Look sunshine- you won’t get away with dictating the list, it’s going to be random whether you like it or not. In fact, we should invite anyone reading this to pitch in too. (editorial note t)

Bring it on!!

Ok – Biscuits!

Crumbs, you really mean it don’t you?

I do.

Well, stick this in your Wafer and bite it, Biscuits are all over this blog there was even the supplement entitled The Digestive (editorial note t).

Titles don’t count.

Ok, there was this post; it featured a whole PACKET of biscuits. (editorial note t).


London Joe said...

I introduced the world of British to a room full of German investors in Hamburg. My mate, Ed, told me about this book:

I bought it, along with packs of Family favourites. Dressed a s a Butler, I plied the room with custard cream, bourbons, the usual suspects.

Biscuits - very important

popps said...

Hi Joe, thanks for popping in, i'll put the kettle on!