Friday, 26 June 2015

A Right Dog's Breakfast.

I should’ a chosen Catapult shouldn’t?

You should’ a, sunshine. There wasn’t hare or hide of a Catapult in previous pages, though I owned one when I was knee high to a big grasshopper.

Everyone did.

I’m not sure many of the girls did, I think it was a boy thing largely. Mine was a blue plastic one in the shape of a cowboy.

A cowboy?

Yep, the handle part was he, and you shot between his legs.

Doesn’t sound very strong.

Hardly Goliath stuff and it would probably struggle to take out that ugly electronic sign they have put up in the village.

Thinking about it?

Many are.

Dog’s Breakfast.


Dog’s Breakfast, it just came to me.

Will you eat it?

No, I meant it came to mind and it’s perfect for this challenge. (Editorial note t).

Ah – well done, not a dog’s breakfast anywhere.



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