Monday, 4 May 2015

Woodland fair Dinkums.

sad for some

This is still carts and horses isn’t it?

Well…. It’s bluebells really, but in a carts and horses way. (editorial note t)

How can anyone tell if it’s cart and horses if one of us doesn’t say so?

I would hope it’s obvious.

I’m not sure it is, and I’m not sure it’s as radical a reversal of what usually goes down as a blog post on this blog  as you think.

I beg to differ, would you like to throw that out there for the readers to settle?

Like we did the other day with…… er……. whatever it was we throw out?

A driftwood E.T. (editorial note t)

That was it! Not a peep.

Fair dinkum. (editorial note x)

So, how long are we going to drag this proverbial cart after the horse?


Yes, I meant to say that. How long?

As long as it takes.

That could be ages.

It’ll be until Thursday.


Everything will change on Thursday.

Well, it’ll go back to horses and carts you mean?

Unless there is a public clamour.

Ha! Tell me about these here Bluebells.

A year ago they looked like this. What do you notice? (editorial note t)

They still weigh the same?

That's not it.

It’s a better picture.


The Dandelion has disappeared.

Ah! Maybe, maybe I just got closer… hang on… I’ll go check….

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