Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Family of lions.


Ah, you’re back.

I didn’t go anywhere.

Yes you did, you went off yesterday to see if the dandelion was still there.


Well I’ve been sitting here for 24 hours waiting for you to come back.

More fool you.

It’s my duty.

Like I said, more…..

Whatever. Is that it?

It’s not the same one, but it’s family.

Are you sure?


How do you know?

I’ve watched the wind - mum and dad were in the same field but a few blades west. And yes.


Before you ask.


The other one is still there.


London Joe said...

Lions' teeth, apparently the petals resemble the teeh of lions.

See you later in the week, mon ami!

popps said...

It must be an Italian thing then because i don't think they could gnaw a marshmallow, let alone a leg.
All together too fluffy.